We got back into the swing of building work this month, starting with the doors between the kitchen and link. The door frames needed a bit of finishing work, fitting a strip of trim before giving all the woodwork a sand and stain. What should have been a simple job got a bit more challenging when none of our clamps would fit, so while the glue was drying the trim strip was wedged into place with a collection of braces that Heath Robinson would be proud of.

Meanwhile the grape vine needed a bit of attention in the link, as our surprisingly long summer lead to a bumper crop and wildly overgrown shoots. We undertook a savage pruning exercise, so the roof windows are now visible again and the grapes have been stripped off  in a final autumn harvest.



The ongoing glorious weather enabled us to enjoy another great bonfire night, this time with Graham and Doro joining us for an evening. After an excellent evening of barbecuing and bonfiring, we retired indoors for an all-night session of televised Rugby World Cup matches. It took real commitment, and a number of bottles of the playing nations' finest refreshments, to get through the night. Lucky it only happens every four years.