Robin and Richard returned to complete the garage doors this month. They manufactured the hardwood doors off-site, then fitted a substantial frame around the brick opening to fix them to. We found some large hinges and pins to bolt on and a hasp and staple to match the chunky padlock we've had on standby for the job for a few years.

Once the doors were complete and stained we were able to give Porridge a good wash and polish and return it to its rightful place, now securely locked away.



We've been clearing the old kitchen this month: the appliances and tidy pieces of furniture got a trailer trip to a nearby recycling centre, while the best bits of the cabinets and benchtops have been stored for re-use in the garage. Everything else got hacked up and piled on the bonfire for a very enjoyable evening's pyromania.

Meanwhile, inside we kept working at pace to stay ahead of Wayne's installation. We were painting walls and preparing the floors each evening and weekend to ensure everything was ready for the new pieces coming in.

Wayne has been very busy fitting cabinets, units and other new pieces of furniture. Our "shapely" walls and floor have been somewhat challenging, as there are no flat surfaces nor square edges. Consequently everything had to be made oversized them scribed and trimmed on site to match the exact shape of the room.

Once the cabinets were in place, the great slabs of oak for the benchtops were scribed, trimmed and fitted. After sanding Wayne applied numerous coats of danish oil to seal the surfaces and bring out the beautiful warm colour. Mark spent some time helping install the appliances, as the range required a fair bit of grunt work to lift into place, and the fridges, freezer, dishwasher and insinkerator needed plumbing and power arranged.



Ron and Jill arrived this month, joining us for a week before heading to a Med cruise. They enjoyed a very hot sunny weekend with us in London, supporting Sarah's triathlon near Windsor before taking in all the famous sights of the capital.

We headed off on a visit of our own at the end of the month, taking the 356 to the Spa Classic race weekend then on to Germany for a week in the Mosel wine region, near the Luxembourg/France/Germany border. We took a day trip to Nurburgring, but unfortunately our planned track lap was foiled by a huge rock concert being set up for the following weekend, so we'll have to go back for that another time.