Robin and Simon were back this month, fitting the wood caps over the link glazing bars. This was another job competing for the longest delay prize, so it was enormously satisfying seeing the wood going on at last.


Once the glazing bar caps were on they trimmed a fascia along to bottom edge of the glass. As soon as Robin finished plugging, gluing and sanding, Mark got to work with the stain. Many years behind schedule, the link's woodwork is all done.



We've been busy with woodwork in the dining room too, as Sarah stained the new fascia above the draught excluder on the bifold doors.

Inside we finished another long-outstanding job, waxing the staircase to the mezzanine study. That also got a tidy-up as we finally got the boxes and boxes of books stacked into the shelving around the edge of the mezzanine, and reorganised the desks, computers and AV equipment. We were pleasantly surprised to finally find the study has a large, empty floorspace, which is now crying out for a decent animal skin rug...




We got through a raft of finishing-off jobs in the bedrooms too, sanding and oiling some door frames and hanging pictures. There were also thermostats to fit in bedrooms and hallways plus a couple of smoke detectors.
The cupboard beside the stairs was finally fitted with doors too, hiding away the underfloor heating manifolds and servo controllers at last.

Outside there was plenty to do, as we continued levelling a section of the courtyard. The retaining wall is finished, so we shovelled, raked and scraped a few tonnes of rubble in behind it to level the ground.

Sarah did some colour sampling in the kitchen this month, as we picked shades for the walls, cabinets and island unit. Meanwhile Wayne and Arthur have been making great progress on our kitchen carpentry, building the cabinet door frames and faces, plus the front frames of the big cabinets.

Once all the doors were made Arthur gave them an undercoat of white paint, then spread them all around the workshop to dry. They will be conditioned in a warm room for a few weeks then get trimmed to fit the cabinets, before finally being painted in our chosen colours.

Meanwhile the new appliances have started to arrive: first in the door is the range cooker and its splashback and extractor hood. We briefly unpacked it to ensure everything was present and undamaged, then re-wrapped it in cardboard and plastic to ensure it stays that way until it is installed.