Heavy concrete breaking work was the highlight of our month, as we continued preparing for the garage doors. We need to reprofile the edge of the concrete courtyard where it meets the field, so we had to cut through a short, thick concrete wall and break chunks out. It's been a while since we've had the pick-axe, sledge hammer and SDS drill on the job, so we rediscovered a range of aches and pains we'd long forgotten.

We didn't manage to get all of the concrete broken before needing a respite, so we took off the gate, pulled down the old fence and managed to remove a large post using a chain onto the Passat in tractor mode. Weather permitting, we're hoping to extend the timber retaining wall during the Christmas holiday period then reprofile the topsoil  to move the field entrance slightly.

Meanwhile the garage entry needed to be cleared and a concrete ramp formed now that we know where the doors will finish. We're all ready for doors...



Four years after installing our very temporary kitchen, we've finally commited to a new one. The search for an ideal kitchen maker has been as difficult as the decisions on style and layout... we always knew it had to be predominently wood, and we've finally found a cabinet maker as passionate about hand crafted timber as we are. Once we'd made the decision, Wayne from Heartwood came around for a detailed measure-up. It won't be a quick job: the woodwork can begin in the new year and will take a few months. Meanwhile we're looking at dozens of range cookers, fridges, freezers, dishwashers and sinks as we need to finalise all the details and start ordering all the ancillaries.


We had a weather warning near the end of the month, so we had to do some emergency repair work on the portakabin roof before the snow hit. After years of bitumen patching on the old flat roof we decided some more drastic action was required, so we constructed a new timber-framed sloping roof over the top. The snow started before we had time to finish felting the top, so it got a quick wrap with a polythene sheet to seal it up for winter.