We continued in the garage this month, painting the walls and then packing boxes of car and bike parts into the mezzanine. We also measured up for garage doors, which should be made and fitted in the next couple of months.




Making the most of some dry weather, Robin came to make and fit the timber cladding over the glazing bars of the link's glass roof. This is yet another job that was supposed to be finished a few years ago, so it's good to get it ticked off the list. The rain had other ideas though, so final installation has been deferred until next month in the hope we'll get a few dry days. Meanwhile we did manage to get the grapevine trimmed back so we're ready to go as soon as the sun makes a reappearance.



Our other big job for the month was completing the power meter box relocation. Our revised plan was to move the meter just a couple of metres and have the surplus mains feed cable, which was supposed to run through to the new box, cut back. The power company's live feed was not allowed to go under our building, but after some negotiation we determined that our cable could, after an isolating switch, RCD and fuse.



Our task was to put our meter-tail cable, an armoured three-core 16mm2 monster, through conduit under the link to join the supply to the house. Feeding the cable through was quite a feat, made harder when our first draw-string broke before we'd even started! Eventually we got a rope through so we could push and pull 25 metres of the very heavy cable through the series of underground bends to emerge at the other end.



A few days later the power company blokes arrived in two huge vans loaded with kit. They didn't need much for our job; it actually took them longer to fill out the Health and Safety Risk Assessment forms than to do the work. There are a raft of bizarre regulations that severely restrict what they can do, so we ended up with a big junction box for a cable joint in the ground, but they got it all done with only 35 minutes interruption to our power feed.



Once the meter box was moved and all the cabling was done we were able to fill in the hole and clear up the ground. Now that's done we can finally get the garden planned: the brick boundary wall can be rendered and we'll make a stone garden wall in front of it, then pave the non-grassed part of the courtyard.