Our long lost bedroom doors finally appeared this month, thanks to a terrific job by Richard. Like the others they're made from 1" thick tongue-and-groove reclaimed pine, so they are pretty heavy and smell terrific.



We fitted all the ironwork and hung them ourselves, which all went surprisingly smoothly. Finally we've been able to replace blankets hanging in doorways with real doors that open and close in every room.



We also finished the bathroom and ensuite cabinets this month, oiling and installing the beech tops on the modified hardwood cabinets. The cut-to-size mirrors arrived too, so we mounted them and installed our favourite bathroom gadget: a mirror heating pad. Now our showers can run on for hours with no chance of steaming up the mirrors.




After the bathrooms, finishing the utility was next on our hit-list. This required cutting another beech worktop, fitting a stainless sink then installing it all over the washing machine, tucked in the "confessional cupboard".



We've had a bumper crop, and decided it was time to harvest before the weather turned, taking our cue from the local farmers' activities. The apple and pear trees have delivered well, as have the raspberry bushes and we've also found a good number of brambles producing blackberries in our hedges. Pie time, just add custard...



The grapes inside the link all ripened this month, while the outside ones will take another month or two, so we picked them all and decided there were too many for casual snacking. Sarah squeezed a few bundles of them and extracted not very much juice, and as we're too impatient to make wine we drank it immediately. The veggie patch has also produced numerous salads, so we've done quite well from its first season.