After several months of dormant door development, we got back on the case with the utility cupboard. The reclaimed pine doors have been stored unused for some time, so we gave them a sanding down before a coat of wax. Once polished off we re-hung them in the hallway to create our "confessional" cupboard.



We finally christened the new shower in the master ensuite this month, after a few more hours of fettling and finishing details. The shower tray got siliconed and the trap fitted, then the glass had a final polish, the towel rail was installed and finally the floor had another coat of oil.

After all that it was with a mixture of excitement and trepidation that we turned the taps for the first time to enjoy a very good soaking.




We had our first harvest this month of lettuces and radishes which were absolutely delicious. The carrots and the tomatoes are growing well, but will take a little longer. In the meantime the second wave of lettuces and radishes have been planted ready for a summer salad.





While the scorching summer weather has been great for enjoying barbecues in the garden, it did cause an unexpected problem for the 356. We woke up one Sunday morning to a strong petrol smell, and discovered that the warm weather expanded the contents of Porridge's tank and she had a leak. Consequently we had to pump the tank dry and remove it to find the problem, a 50 year old welded seam that's no longer water-tight.




We finished the month with a visit to see Ryan in Oxford. He's just finished his studies and is about to head off abroad, so we took the opportunity to enjoy a wonderful picnic with him in the grounds of Christ College along the riverbank. Very civilised.