We continued work in the master bedroom's ensuite, plumbing in the toilet and fixing it to the floor. The cistern is wall mounted and will be enclosed with timber panelling, which is yet to be done. Once we'd completed a test flush we moved on to the shower fittings, first installing the mixer control then the secondary shower head on a flexible hose.





The link needed some maintenance work this month, as the winter weather has given the wooden door frames a hard time. The wood stain was rated for 5 year protection, so it has done just what it says on the tin. The south facing link doors were first up. We opened the bifolds to expose the 5m sill for sanding and staining. We also took the opportunity to clean out months of dirt and debris from the bifolds guide tracks, so the doors will slide smoothly throughout the summer.






Our new vegetable garden got further development work with a light timber framed mesh cover, to keep the dog and pesky rabbits and chickens away from our tasty seedlings of lettuce, radish, carrots and tomatoes. We also put a little poly-tunnel over the seedlings for their first few weeks of growth.



We were the visitors this month, as we headed to the USA for a road trip around the western states in an RV. We flew to San Francisco then drove south down the Pacific Coast, then inland to Las Vegas, Hoover Dam and the Grand Canyon. We then turned north to Monument Valley, Arches National Park then crossed the Colorado River to Steamboat Springs. From there we went west through Dinosaur National Park and up to Salt Lake City. After that we went through Bonneville Salt Flats down to Reno then Lake Tahoe. Finally we headed through Sacramento and back to San Francisco, about 3000 miles in 19 days.