We were delighted to welcome Ryan to stay for a few days over Easter. We caught up on his adventures in Oxford, and got to work hauling the final tonnes of stone from Northampton. Our stone pile is now officially huge, and the car and trailer can take a sigh of relief after some gruelling haulage.

When the hard work was done we also took time to enjoy the much-delayed spring weather, with a roaring bonfire and barbecue.





We continued work in our ensuite this month, mounting the last few slates on the walls before spending many fiddly hours grouting all the gaps and edges. It took almost as long again to scrub off the surplus and polish the slates, then finally we gave everything another coat of colour intensifier to finish.



Once all the slates were complete it was on to the shower fittings and the very heavy glass sheet front panel. We also got the vanity sink fitted and plumbed and managed a leak-free test. Now quite all finished but we're very close now...




As the weather improved we were delighted to spend most of this month's weekends outdoors in the sun. After years of neglect we attacked the overgrown compost heap and pile of surplus topsoil with a pickaxe, shovels and rack. After reprofiling that corner of the field, we also built a new drive-in compost bin for the grass clippings, and prepared a veggie patch.



The veggie patch got a low drystone wall around it, then our first seedlings were planted and protected with a wee poly-tunnel. We can now look forward to fresh carrots, lettuces and radishes later in the year.