March marks 6 years at GFB, reminding us we're somewhat behind in our 5 year plan...



We continued tiling in our ensuite, then started grouting once all the slates were attached. Progress has been slow as we've been distracted with outdoor jobs, but it is creeping ever closer.




The stone pile we started collecting last month turned out to be a somewhat bigger task than we anticipated. We spent every weekend of the month driving back and forth with the car trailer, hauling tonnes of stone. Lawrence and Ben volunteered for hard labour for a couple of weekends which was a great help as we had to carry all the stone in wheelbarrow loads upon collection, then heave them all out of the dumpy bags onto an ever-growing pile at home.




After one Sunday morning of hauling we all headed to a classic car show at Newport Pagnell. Ben brought his 2CV along so we had an air-cooled engine day as we convoyed there and back. The 2CV is somewhat performance-limited compared to the 356, but Ben's flat-every technique had it romping along well, with some very scary body roll as his suspension is super soft. Great fun.