Most of our time has been spent in the shower this month, preparing the ensuite of our master bedroom. First up we had to finish scrubbing the truss and soak it in three coats of Danish oil, then put another coat of paint on the ceiling and walls. Once that was dry we installed the lights and extractor fan and also wiring for other ancillaries.



Next came the slates... we'd prepared them some time ago so this month the task was to cut them and get them on the walls of the shower. After the previous experience in the main bathroom we've become quite adept with the diamond-tipped grinder and a large tub of glue. We didn't quite get it all finished by the end of the month, but the slow progress was balanced by not breaking any slates during cutting and all our fingers and toes remained intact, so quite a successful operation.



We also took delivery of more hardwood furniture, filling the dining room with pallets and heavy cardboard boxes. It took us several days to get it all unpacked and shuffled into the appropriate bedrooms, finally removing the last items of temporary furniture that've been hanging around for years. The bedrooms are now looking quite homely, athlough we are still a few doors short from Michael.


Bedroom 4


Bedroom 3


Bedroom 2


Bedroom 1


Last year we arranged to purchase a few tonnes of local stone, to be used for numerous garden walls around the site. This month we started collecting it, as the weather's finally thawed enough for us to get out with the big car trailer and pick up a couple of tonnes in a load. So far we've just managed one trip, and it looks like it is going to take about eight more to bring it all home. We'll need to find some friends to help carry it all onto and off the trailer as it's pretty heavy work.