We were treated to an early Christmas treat this month with several days of snow. It wasn't an especially heavy cover, but the temperature stayed well below zero so it hung around resiliently until Christmas.






We continued on from last month, finally completing the stairs and the paint in the lower hallway. We had planned to have the lower rooms carpeted before the end of the year, but the carpet layers were not available until early January. That turned out to be a convenient delay as it gave us more time to paint and oil each room.



In bedroom 4 we sanded and oiled the skirting boards, plastered and sanded various dents and holes then gave the walls a fresh coat of paint. We also took the opportunity to give bedroom 2's ensuite a similar refresh, so when the carpet arrives it should all look brand new.





We've survived another year, and after all the ups and downs and major changes it was a relief to return to the local farm where we cut a tree each year, installing it in the dining room again. This year we had a quiet Christmas without visitors, but we did host our regular bonfire party on boxing day.