Our first task this month was to empty out the tools and building materials from the master bedroom, so it was time to sort out the Portakabin. There were a couple of large pieces of furniture wasting space in there as we're not using them again, so a trip to the recycling centre with a trailer full of surplus stuff created a useful empty space. It wasn't empty for long though, as we installed some shelving then filled them with boxes of tools, plumbing, electrical fittings and so on.




As the autumn weather has been spectacular we decided to enjoy our last bonfire and barbecue night of the season. Our drum barbecue suffered structural failure from rust, so we converted a wheelbarrow into a fine sausage griller.




With the tools and materials moved out, it was back to painting detail applying the final coat of colour. We also fitted the uplighters and detailed all the woodwork



Next we set to work levelling the master bedroom's floor. The screed we put down at the start of summer wasn't as smooth nor level as hoped, so we had to fill in the hollows with concrete then use self-levelling compound to smooth off all the lumps and joints.




The rooms are painted, emptied out and floors levelled, so it must be carpet time... three guys arrived in three Transit vans with grippers, glue, underlay and a very very large roll of NZ wool. They had the grippers around all the edges in no time at all, then rolled out the underlay. It's low-TOG for underfloor heating, so the warmth can pass through to our feet rather than being trapped in the screed.




The carpet roll was 5m by 12m, and had been pre-cut so they were able to unroll and fold it out as one continuous piece through both bedrooms and the hallway. The measurements were spot on so it dropped into place extremely quickly so they trimmed up the edges and stretched it all into place.



It was all over by lunchtime, bish bosh bash we've got the upper rooms all carpetted, like a real home at last!






After running about in empty rooms for a while we reinstalled the furniture in bedroom three, then moved a spare bed into our master bedroom. Deciding on bedroom furniture will take a little longer, so for the moment we'll just enjoy the space.




The weather seemed keen to welcome us to our new room, with a glorious sunset out the bedroom windows just as we'd finished moving in.





Deborah and Marco dropped in for a couple of days on their UK Tour. We enjoyed great dinners catching up with news, and a long walk through the fields for a big pub lunch.