Having completed the ensuite floor laying last month, we were finally able to close up the access hole between our master bedroom and the garage. Four years after the rest of the walls went up, and it took just a couple of days to block up the hole and plaster over. Presto, much less draught!




Once the master bedroom plastering was finished, Michael started the snagging list. First was the lower hallway, pointing the top and bottom edges of the stone wall.



We also fitted skirting boards in the hallway and a couple of the bedrooms. It was all made on site from recycled boards, machined and sanded and oiled to give a lovely deep lustre.



While fitting skirting boards in bedroom 4, Michael had the misfortune to put a nail through an underfloor heating pipe buried in the floor screed. Quick-thinking saved a disaster, as he knocked the nail further in rather than trying to pull it out, so it minised the rate of the leak. We had to dig out a section of the floor to find the pipe, and give ourselves room to attempt a repair. It wasn't practical to drain out the entire heating system, so we cut the pipe and stuck fingers in the ends while preparing a joiner section. We managed to get it all fixed and pressure tested then poured in fresh screed, after making a note of exactly where it was in case we have to get back in there to fix a leak in future!




Once all the skirting was done in bedroom 4 we made a top cap for the recycled T&G panelling, and Michael pointed it in to the stone wall.



Our painting progress has been slower than hoped, but we did get the ceiling of the master bedroom finished. All the woodwork made it tricky, as we had to clean up the beams, re-oil them then cut in paint along all the edges before rolling a couple of coats of white emulsion onto the ceiling sections.






Michael's snag list included a fair bit of work on the big bi-fold doors in the link. We made the most of a long spell of dry weather to take all the doors down, service the sliding rails, then refit the doors with adjusted lock-bolts to give a better closing seal. We also skimmed a few high spots off the flagstone floor to stop the doors catching, so they now all open smoothly. Outside Michael repaired the pointing under the sills to ensure we are fully weatherproof for the coming winter.



Another major task this month has been the construction of a playground beside the portakabin in the corner of the field. We recycled an old telegraph pole, cutting it into four 7 foot corner posts. They were all dropped into holes a third of their height deep, and concreted in place. Once that was set we trimmed them with the pruning chainsaw: quite tricky with its long boom which is not designed for precision cutting.





An old pallet was recycled as the top platform, with a beam out the side to hang the swing and a recycled ladder mounted alongside the slide for secure access. Finally a large plastic tub went underneath as a sandpit to complete the activity centre.