With the master bedroom plastering finished, we were on painting duty this month. First we had a whole lot of sanding to do, smoothing out all the edges of the plaster. Then came paint, watered down as a primer coat for the walls and ceiling. The trusses and purlins meant we have lots and lots of edges to detail, so by the end of the month we hadn't finished it all but we'd rollered out a fair few litres of emulsion.





We've been enjoying some glorious summer weather, but the 30+ degree heat followed by thunderstorms hasn't done our Portakabin roof any favours. Cracks in the flat roof open up in the heat, breaking previous repair attempts, then the rain pelts down and floods through into our stored goodies. Silicon just wasn't good enough, so this time we bought a big tin of bitumen and trowelled it on very thick. So far no leaks!





The lounge received a cultural upgrade this month, as we installed a painting we'd commissioned from our friend and very talented local artist Lynn. It's a collage of our life and times in the UK, from our arrival to London, through Cambridge then Brackley, Twin Cottage and GFB.



We mounted it above the fireplace, requiring some delicate manoeuvring on top of the inglenook. Once the canvas was safely fixed to the wall we refitted the projector's screen, so the mechanism is hidden behind a beam and it quietly powers down in front of the painting when we want to watch a movie.




We have been delighted to welcome numerous visitors this month. Ron and Jill dropped by for a week on their way to a Med cruise. We didn't burden them with any heavy building work this time, but while they were here we invited a bunch of friends around for a bit of a party night.



Ryan also came up from Oxford for a weekend visit. We enjoyed another terrific bonfire and barbecue, listened to a whole lot of Michael Jackson music, then camped out by the fire under a perfect clear sky. Not a bad way to spend a Saturday night.