We started April where we finished March, laying the master bedroom floor. Because it's quite a big space to work on we split the job in two, initially putting in a very dry screed mix up to the depth of the underfloor heating pipes. Dry mixing is relatively fast, so we got about two tonnes of sand and cement in and out of the concrete mixers and wheel-barrowed in to the room in a day.




The second stage was a very wet mix on top. Ryan joined us for the weekend to help out, which was a great boost as the wet mixing is quite a bit more work. We also tried a new levelling technique, hiring a huge screed float to get a smooth finish. Ryan and Sarah mixed a tonne of screed and barrowed it in for Mark to spread and level off.




Unfortunately our great plans went slightly awry as we ran out of sand before the floor was done, so the following weekend we were back on the job, this time without assistance. The last tonne took another day, and we were also without the big float so it was a more hands-and-knees experience.




Finally the floor was done, so we left it to dry for a few days then started final preparations for plastering in the master bedroom. The truss of the end wall needed infill panels, but first the voids needed to be filled with fibreglass insulation since the wall to the garage is considered "external" for thermal and fire regulations.  




Once the truss was done we tidied up all the light switch and power socket back-boxes, and fixed a bundle of power cables to the corner of the ensuite wall ready for plastering. After that our mystery guest arrived: the long lost Michael on a comeback tour like an '80s rock star... Armed with a mixing paddle and a pair of floats he was quickly back on old form, getting a base coat on the brick walls in no time at all.








After strimming the field's long overgrown grass last month, we got on with regular mowing this month. The task was aided by the arrival of a new mower: we inherited a battered old self-drive monster, which has been munching through the long grass with glee.



We've also been enjoying the warmer weather, having a great bonfire and barbecue when Ryan came for a weekend. We burned through another large pile of scrap timber, sizzled some sausages and burgers, and washed it down with a cold beverage or two. Flame grilled to perfection!