We started March back in the main bathroom, finally plumbing in the toilet. This one has a hidden cistern, due to be boxed in by a tongue-and-groove panelled section.



Having finished the ceiling of our master bedroom last month, it was now time to clear the room so we could construct the floor. First stage was to move all the timber, plasterboard, ladders and scaffolding into the garage. Of course that in turn required emptying the garage and reorganising lots of other tools and materials, a bit like a tile puzzle where we have to shuffle items room to room to free up some space...




After moving all the building materials and tools we swept out the room to reveal a long lost floor. In one corner we revealed a nice detail: we'd engraved our names in the concrete when it was poured, way back in January 2005! It didn't get to see the light of day for long however, as it was quickly covered by a layer of 60mm dense polyurethane insulation.



Once the insulation was snugly fitted we installed the sheets of steel mesh on top, then got cracking winding and cable-tying 15mm plastic pipe back and forth over the floor for the underfloor heating.



By the end of the month the floor was all prepared awaiting screed.





The spring weather appeared to settle in this month, giving us many sunny days and warm evenings in the field. After last year's experiment letting the grass grow wild, we've decided to tame it this year. First task was to cut through the thick tangled grass; it was too heavy for the mower so we had to attack it with the strimmer over a few days. Now the long grass is gone we can get into a regular mowing regime this summer.