We have had a fairly quiet start to the year, dealing with the ongoing uncertainty of Honda's demise and the continuing saga of our lost builders, who despite renewed promises have again failed to appear. Consequently we're battling on slowly in the upper bedrooms, spending evenings and weekends in the cold.



Our first job was in bedroom three, continuing to tidy up plaster and paint edges of the ceiling purlins. We also had help from Lawrence to deal with the wiring: sockets and light switches are now live, so Mark fitted the long-hanging ship's lantern from the centre beam.



We also continued work in bedroom one, scrambling up and down tall ladders and balancing on planks to reach into the ceiling space. All the trusses and purlins needed to be sanded and wire brushed, before a coat of Antiquator to set the tone then Danish oil to finish.




Once the trusses and purlins were treated we got on with battening the ceiling, continuing the work Mark had done with Ron over the Christmas break. This required about 200 spacer blocks, 300 screws and 90 metres of batten timber, none of which will ever be seen as it lurks behind the finished ceiling.



Having completed the framing we had to spend some time thinking about all the cabling that needed to be threaded in before closing off the roof space. Power, lights, TV coax and ethernet cabling all had to be installed, then once we were happy every future option was covered we got on with plasterboard tacking. While normally a pretty quick and simple task, it got somewhat harder for this room as we didn't have any scaffolding assembled, so it was just a balancing act on ladders and planks. We didn't quite get the ceiling finished by the end of the month, but it was a pretty good effort so there's not much more to do next month.