Our new chandelier arrived this month, so we took down the plastic pipework mock-up and got to work installing the wrought iron version. First step was the ridge hook: a big plate bolted to the ridge beam. Once that was in place we hung the chains, which were tested by Mark briefly swinging off the bottom, then we hooked the main ring of the chandelier to the chains. Finally we threaded the power cable up through the chains and wired it all up. Sadly the bulbs didn't arrive on time, so the lighting test will have to wait a little longer.



Michael made a couple of attempts to smooth off the un-flat bedroom 3 floor with self-levelling compound. This didn't do exactly what it says on the tin, but it has improved and we're short of time, so we put down the temporary carpet over the top and started moving furniture in. We also had to make a few plastering repairs, as the original attention to detail was less than ideal. After a few days of filling, sanding and painting we've rescued the situation, so we've moved ourselves into the room to free up bedroom 2 for further work ahead of our Christmas guests' arrival.



In the main bathroom we continued work on the shower. Sarah started with colour enhancer and sealant on the slate tiles, then we began the long task of fixing them to the walls.



The tiles are quite heavy, so we could only put on a couple of rows each day to ensure the lower rows had dried to support those above. We also had to make some tricky cut-outs for the shower mixer and the head. Luckily the slate was quite robust and cut well with the grinder, so we managed to produce well sculptured tiles without suffering any breakages.



After all the tiles were up and the adhesive was thoroughly dry we undertook the very dull task of grouting. Some days later we got on to the more exciting tasks of fitting the glass panels and the mixer trim and shower head. Finally the big moment arrived: water turned on for the crucial wet test. It appears to be leak free and the super-soaker head is a great luxury.



Once the shower was operational we got on to installing the hand basin which was a much easier task. A couple of big wall bolts, some taps, plumbing and waste connections then we hung a temporary mirror on the wall, so the room is just functional. We still need to plumb in the toilet and finish the woodwork around the big spa bath. That will have to be later, as more urgent tasks await us in the guest bedroom...



Michael did manage to get some woodwork done in the guest bedroom, manufacturing and fitting lovely reclaimed pine skirting boards and architraves around the doors. Sadly he didn't get all the pieces done in time, nor deliver the new doors, so we have another incomplete job to repair later.

After oiling the new woodwork we refitted the carpet and moved in all the lovely new hardwood furniture. The kingsize bed looks pretty good, and it all looks pretty comfortable for our soon-to-arrive visitors.