This month started back in bedroom three: having finished the painting and skirting board oiling last month, we cleared everything out and started laying insulation on the floor. Next came the steel mesh, then the underfloor heating pipes were zig-zagged and tied down with cable ties.



Once all the pipework was in place Sarah installed spacers under the steel mesh, holding it up from the insulation so the screed can completely surround the steel. Screeding was Michael's role, as we want a super flat, smooth surface to carpet over. Unfortunately it didn't quite work out that way, as some of the screed's surface didn't cure properly so it had to be scooped out and replaced with a harder self-levelling compound. That didn't live up to expectations either, as the result still isn't smooth and flat, so more work will be needed before carpeting.



After screeding the bedroom, Michael moved in to the upper hallway for more of the same. We haven't finalised the details of the staircase yet, since all the underfloor heating pipes lead into the void beneath the steps where the controllers and manifolds will be installed.



While the screed was drying, we moved back to the bathroom to complete the taupe paint and install the lights and extractor fan. Sarah took the opportunity to learn how to wire up the light switches, and the isolating switch for the extractor. Meanwhile Mark cemented the show tray in place and plumbed in its waste trap, so we're on schedule to have a fully functional bathroom by Christmas.





We've finally ordered a chandelier for the dining room. Having found a specialist ironmonger to make exactly what we want, we had to specify all the dimensions. After much measuring and sketching we decided the best bet was to make a mock-up, to ensure we got it just the right size and hanging in the right place. So, how to make a mock-up chandelier? Push-fit plumbing of course! 22mm push-fit pipe is naturally curved, and the tee junctions work very well as candle holders. Finally we used a long measuring tape to hang it from the ceiling, so once we were happy with the position we locked the tape and read the required chain length. Easy!




We had another surprise delivery this month when our sofa arrived earlier than expected. Unlike last month's furniture delivery, the sofa was fully unpacked and installed by the delivery guys, so we got to enjoy the smell and feel of fresh leather without any hard work at all. Luxury.