We continued painting this month, going blue in bedroom three. With exposed trusses and purlins there are lots of fiddly edges to cut in, all while balanced atop a tall ladder, so it's been fairly slow going. By the end of the month the paint was all done, but there's a bit more work required to clean up the spilled spots and patch some plaster gaps.




Mark had more painting to do in the dining room, on an even taller ladder than in bedroom three, as we patched some final spots in the ceiling. Once the paint was tidied we measured up the chandelier we're planning to get made to hang over the dining table. There will be a long chain drop to hang a wrought-iron ring with candle platforms around it... watch this space.



We had an unexpected delivery this month, as the furniture we ordered last month was expected by Christmas, but it turned up much earlier. Consequently we cleared the dining table out of the way and opened up the bifold doors to allow a truck full of boxes to be delivered.



This really was an early Christmas, as we ripped open box after box of goodies: furniture for the dining room, lounge, hallways, guest bedroom and ensuite. We were impressed to find everything was very well wrapped and had been carefully handled, so it all appeared unscarred.



Once everything was out we reorganised the dining room to get two new dressers in their final resting place against the west wall. We can now unpack some goodies from the portakabin to fill the dressers; after nearly five years in storage it will be like another Christmas finding things we've long since forgotten.



We haven't had any builders again this month, but Lawrence has been on site to lend a welcome helping hand. He was dealing with wiring again, this time fitting all the flush-mount floor power sockets around the edges of the dining room. There's a bit more work to be done before we power up the circuit, but it's getting close.





We have started unpacking goodies from storage into the lounge; a collection of paintings have been deserving some wall space for years, and finally they're out of their boxes and up on the walls. There are also books coming out to see the light of day, filling new bookcases and coffee tables.



There is still a new sofa due before the end of the year, but already the room is starting to look like a home rather than a building site, which is long overdue.



After unpacking all those boxes of furniture, as well as tidying up big stacks of reusable and scrap wood offcuts from bedroom one, we decided it was time for another big bonfire and barbecue. Luckily the weather co-operated, so we had a very pleasant Saturday evening enjoying what may turn out to be the final warm evening of the summer.