As it's been raining most of the month, we decided to do some indoor garden work in the link, getting the rapidly growing grape vine under control. We started by taking the vine down and gave the wall between the link and kitchen a spell of repair work and fresh paint. The shelves and coat pegs got a final sand and stain, then we did the same for the south side roof window frames.



Once all the painting and staining was finished we set to work on the grape vine itself, untangling the numerous strands and picking a few ripe bunches. We then mounted a number of fixing points along the top the of south side glass doors, and more up the edge of the wall and ceiling over the swing doors into the kitchen. The vine is now happily fixed in place, safely clear from door and dog damage.






We've been back on paint roller duty this month, finsihing the undercoat white on the walls and ceiling in bedroom 3. All the timber in the trusses and purlins means far too many fiddly edges that have to be cut in by small brush, so it's been far more time consuming than expected to get the paint on. Mark had lots of hours up ladders while Sarah dealt with the lower ceiling sections and the walls.




Meanwhile, Mark was in the loft above bedroom 4 and bedroom 2's ensuite, completing the loft flooring then installing foil insulation under the rafters. This insulation isn't strictly necessary, but it will ensure all the goodies we're expecting to store in the loft will be kept in air-tight, temperate conditions.



Having completed the loft space, we moved the first boxes from the portakabin up into the loft, freeing up space in the portakabin for all the building tools and materials that are currently in the way in the master bedroom.