Mark started the month atop a new, super tall ladder, changing the ceiling air vent covers to appease latest planning regulations. With that done we were able to have the gas plumber back to commission the gas fire and sign off the paperwork.

The next step was for Michael to clean all the lime mortar spill off the flagstone floors of both the lounge and dining room, which in turn required us to move all furniture out of the rooms for a few days. Once the flags were cleaned and dried Mark set to work with a roller and more linseed oil, giving the whole floor a fresh coat. The smell of fresh linseed oil, while terrific, became a bit over-powering so we left all the doors open for a few days to blow it clear.

Finally, with the oil dry and buffed off, we moved the furniture back in again to really enjoy the rooms.






At the other end of the house we've also been cracking on with things: Mark oiled the bathroom floor with the first three coats of linseed, then we moved on to the walls.




After many hours of scrubbing, sanding and scraping to get all the plaster overspill off the truss timbers, we gave the truss a final coat of Danish oil then started painting. All the walls and ceilings required a sealing coat of white emulsion, then the ceilings got two coats of antibacterial white. The walls have had the first of two coats of a shade of taupe, the same hue as we've used in the lounge and kitchen, just darker. The contrast against the truss timbers, stone walls and flagstone floors look terrific.



Taking a break from the work, Sarah gave the bathroom its first proper test, with a super luxurious bubble bath. Candle lighting was compulsory, as we don't have anything except the bath pump wired up yet. Sarah gave it her sigh of approval, and the yellow bath ducks were very impressed indeed.



Michael and Tom finished the month on door duty, installing huge timber posts to frame each doorway, and they fitted temporary doors to see us through until the new doors are made. They sorted out bedroom 2 and the bathroom, then also moved down to the guest room, giving it a very nice chunky frame cut to fit the wobbly stone wall of the lower hallway.





All the work was finished just in time for the start of our summer visitor season, as Diane and Rex came to spend several days with us during their tour of the UK. As experienced international travellers they were pleasantly surprised by the terrific British weather and the extremely green region we're in. They enjoyed short trips into London, Stratford, Ironbridge and the Cotswolds in between very enjoyable dinner parties, picnics and village walks with us.