We continued work on bedroom 4 and the lower hallway this month. Sarah finally got a break from making the screed, passing the shovel and mixer over to Mark. A few hours of mixing, barrowing, dumping and spreading later, after a final careful floating, we had a functional, heated hall floor. This floor will be carpeted, so we've left a cunning timber strip at the edge that meets the kitchen flagstones so that the carpet can be inserted down the gap and stapled down.




Once all the floors were dry we were able to get back into bedroom 4 to do some repair work on the walls. there were a couple of patches need where we had originally left service holes to access the back of the shower plumbing in bedroom 2's ensuite next door. We've now finished the plumbing, so it's time to plaster up the holes and sand everything down, ready for a final coat of paint.



We also made a start on panelling the bottom half of the stone wall. We are recycling timber from the upper bedrooms' roof: sarking boards that were replaced because they were rotten. They've been trimmed down to remove the rot, treated for woodworm and then brought to life by belt-sanding the old lime-wash away. Mark then experimented with the router, making tongue-and-groove panels with a pencil-bead edge detail. The trial pieces went well, so now we need to make a few dozen panels for the wall.





We've not done very much in the dining room this month: after a bit more cleaning and oiling we prepared a long list of snags for Michael to repair. There are no major problems, but when the last of the twiglets were installed the plasterboard took a few knocks, so there are some gaps to be filled and repainted.



Finally we packed up various collections of junk from the dining room, so it's clear and awaiting Michael's return to complete the north doors, mezzanine staircase and other details.