We were delighted to welcome Pam and Richard to GFB this month. They were nearing the end of a European tour, so we showed them some of our favourite sights around the Cotswolds and enjoyed a few festive evenings in the barn. Having just completed the guest room before they arrived we were pleased that they pronounced it very comfortable and the underfloor heating works fine through the carpets.




Michael and Jody fitted the last of the twiglets in the dining room ceiling, and also repaired the broken glass pane in the link roof. With that done we've been able to fire up the underfloor heating in the link, dining room and lounge; the stone floors are now toasty warm.



Our main task in the dining room was to find a tree. Now that we've got the room mostly complete we decided to take advantage of the roof height and got ourselves a tall one. There's a farm nearby that does "pick your own" so we took a bow saw and measuring tape and went for a walk in the woods. We soon emerged with a fine specimen that we wrapped and packed then installed alongside the staircase.



We've had a terrific Christmas break, as we were both off work for a couple of weeks. We got into the holiday spirit with the Honda party, then also enjoyed an excellent night with the builders' company party.

After a very relaxing Christmas we arranged a bonfire with a group of friends on Boxing Day. There was no snow this year, but the cold, windy conditions overcame us quite quickly so we moved indoors to enjoy the toasty warm floors.

The break wasn't entirely free from building work: we managed to get numerous wiring jobs done, and spent some time planning the order of work to be undertaken in 2008.