Michael was back this month, finishing the rubber seals and hardwood trims around the link's bifold doors. The doors' slide and pivot mechanisms have bundles of adjustments, so they were all tuned and fettled to get the doors sliding well and also sealing properly when closed.



He also trimmed the bottom of the doors and chipped high spots from the flagstones so the bifolds can easily open all the way. Now we just need another summer to enjoy them...





Once the link doors were completed Michael moved into the dining room: the north end bifolds have been in place for several months but without a top rail so they couldn't be opened. There's quite a task to fit the steel rail that the doors hang from, since it is attached below a 400 year old beam that is certainly not straight nor level.





The stone wall along the lower bedroom hallway was repointed early in the project with cement mortar. Since then we've applied a traditional lime mortar to all the other stone walls, so this hallway wall had to have the cement chipped out and repointed again with lime.



After the hallway was done, the last section of original stone wall was in bedroom 4. Here there was no cement to chip out, just the remains of the original mud pointing. Jody made a great job of repointing with lime mortar.



We've been away this month, heading to New Zealand to catch up with friends and family and compete in the Targa rally again. We stopped in Singapore for a few days to see Louise and Wayne on the way out, then came home via Adelaide to see Kate and Steve.

The Targa was far more successful than our 2005 attempt: this time we had a three car team and all got to the end without accidents nor fires. The scenery, roads, weather and people were all spectacularly enjoyable.