We started this month indoors, in the kitchen block, as we had weeks of rain leading to numerous floods around the country, including in neighbouring villages. Thankfully our village is well above the nearby water courses, so we escaped the floods. The ongoing rain did encourage us to undertake some waterworks however, as we added some splashback tiles in the cloakroom.






We didn't get much done in the lounge this month, but Mark did manage a few evenings atop a long ladder touching up the ceiling and twiglets. Once that was finished and the ladders and scaff boards were packed away, furniture was restored and we got back to the serious business of enjoying the early morning sunshine streaming in through the courtyard french doors. Quite a pleasant change after weeks of rain!



Once the rain stopped we had almost non-stop sunshine for the second half of July, which gave us the opportunity to get some outdoor work done. Sarah started by sanding and staining some of the window frames that have been installed for a couple of years, but still remain unfinished.



Meanwhile Mark started bricklaying, finishing the retaining wall for the patio in the courtyard, on the south side of the link. Once the brickwork was complete we fitted guttering beneath the link door sill. To avoid having guttering visible between the glass roof and glass doors, we let the water run off the roof to the (raised) patio floor level where there will be a small gap between the timber sill and flagstones. Beneath the gap is guttering, taking the rain away to the stormwater system.



Once the plumbing was complete we back-filled the patio with several tons of rubble, filled the gaps with pea shingle and finally topped it up with subbase.




We also ran cables through the patio base, so we can install tiny floodlights in the stone facing, and provide power and network to the patio if needed.