We've been very busy this month getting the dining floor finished and the doors in. Michael and Jody laid the floor flagstones, then we gave it several coats of oil before they pointed it and we applied yet more oil.



Once the floor was complete we set to work on the north doors. We started by wire brushing the old beam, actually a sizeable tree trunk, and soaked it in several coats of Danish oil.



Next Michael installed the doors and inserted the double glazing units. He didn't get the top rail fitted before the weather turned, so we've used a temporary cover along the top edge to keep the wind and rain at bay.




Finally, we knocked up a temporary dining table from a set of old beams, so we can at last entertain dinner guests. One of the best views in the house is from the end of the dining table, looking across the dining room, through the link and kitchen to the stone wall of the short link. This is the centre bar of the H shaped layout, and we've managed to keep a clear sight-line about 25m long.




We moved into the lounge this month: the room isn't entirely finished, but we decided it was time to enjoy the space rather than just working in it. With a couple of sofas, coffee tables, stereo and projector we have a great spot for relaxing with a movie.





We've had more warmth and rain this month, so the plants continue to flourish. We've been regularly mowing the path winding through the meadow, and also gave the courtyard grass its first cut as the seeds have finally sprouted into thick, lush grass. The grapevine has also been sprouting, and it looks like we'll get our first bunches of grapes from it this year, along with some apples and pears from the trees in the meadow.



Finally we attacked the forest of weeds that had taken over the mound. The strimmer couldn't cope, so Mark launched the mower at them and battled on until they'd all been reduce to clippings. We can now see the Kowhai and Oak again, so we'll now keep the mound mown as the grass thickens and helps break up the clay and rubble.