We've had a good dumping of snow this month, giving us a proper excuse to stay home as the roads were buried and the wind swept great piles up against the windows and doors. We didn't cope so well with the cold though, as an outside tap burst its fitting in the middle of the night, so we awoke to howling winds, freezing snow and 20,000 litres of water flowing under the barns and out onto the road. We had to rush out in the worst of the weather to isolate the water main then repair the burst tap. Dealing with frozen brassware and icy water certainly focusses the mind first thing in the morning... not a fun start to the day.



We didn't do much work in the link this month: Sarah stained the tops of the posts at the four corners, and we're still waiting for the builders to be on site on a suitably dry day to get the rubber seals finished on all the bifold doors.

Meanwhile we have been using the link as a casual dining room when we have visitors and also for Sunday brunches when the sun floods in. 



We've been finishing paint details in the dining room ceiling. Mark scampered up to the top of the hip to paint between the old timbers. We also installed speakers in the corners of the room, flush mounted in the plasterboard panels. The old stereo was wired up to check everything sounds loud and clear.






Michael finished plastering in the lounge this month, cleaning up the details of the west wall that was plastered in January, and also plastering around the side of the mezzanine and touching up the ceiling beneath it. Once he was done we got stuck in to paint prep, cleaning off surplus plaster from the timber and windows.



We then started painting the wall and mezzanine sides with a couple of coats of primer. Sarah also put some colour sample spots on to check we're happy with the shade. After painting we moved on to the old timbers, scraping off the layers of rotten wood then soaking them in Danish oil.