We were busy finishing details in the kitchen this month. After much searching we found some suitable pendant lights to hang in each of the three ceiling sections, over the old stable bays. Sarah held the ladder while Mark balanced precariously to reach the fittings on the ridge beam.

Once they were fitted Mark scrambled into the service access space above the boiler room to complete the wiring.



We also got the plumbing installed in the cloakroom, featuring a small corner basin and toilet. We still need to make a cabinet beneath the basin, and fix the splash-back tiles, and of course the room needs a door.




We've been busy finishing off the painting of the dining room ceiling this month. We started with the lowest section all the way around the room, then Mark went all the way up to the apex of the hip ends, finishing the last sections with three coats of white emulsion.



While Mark was up a ladder painting, Sarah got to work at ground level staining the bifold doors that are due to be installed in the north end of the dining room.



Michael and Jody installed the stairs to the mezzanine this month. Our steel man Phil built the landing platform, which Jody fitted by knocking through the stone wall so the long steel support beam is cantilevered through to the mezzanine rafters, and set in a block of concrete. Once the steel platform was fixed in, they positioned the reclaimed grain-ladder steps on mounting pins in the floor and bolted it to the platform at the top. The steel platform will be cloaked in reclaimed timber, then we need to fabricate a handrail to finish it off.





Michael worked with speed-plasterer Mark to render the lounge's west block wall. Before they could start we had to have a rushed rearrangement of the shelving and tools in the lounge, since we had everything stacked against that wall. We also made a last check of the wiring running down the wall, adding some spare speaker cables and power loops to ensure we don't need to make any more changes in future.

Michael fitted the old timber lintels and window boards to the arrow-slit windows, then they got two coats of plaster on over a couple of days. With some final fettling and polishing we have a lovely smooth wall.




We've had quite a run of warm weather to start the year, punctuated by a few extremely cold snaps. After threatening for some time, we finally got a light covering of snow one night, followed by a lovely sunny day that melted most of it away by midmorning.