Michael and Jody began plastering the kitchen ceiling today, taping and filling the joints between plasterboard sheets. Meanwhile we cleared the north side of the kitchen ready for insulating and lining the stone wall. Mark also started preparations for extending our living space, by moving the temporary front door from the stairwell between the upper and lower bedrooms to the doorway of our master bedroom. That gives us two more rooms "inside" our living space, or at least it will once we clear out all the building materials.



This morning we started by moving all the building materials and tools from the main bathroom into the lounge. Once the bathroom was completely cleared out Mark cut up some more pieces of recycled carpet for the floor then bingo, we have one instant room.



After lunch we moved onto the main job of the day, lining the north wall of the kitchen. First step was to bolt battens onto the stone, then we cut sheets of celotex to fit between the battens. Finally we tacked plasterboard late into the evening.





Michael and Jody continued plastering the kitchen ceiling, finishing the top coat for most of the room. After they finished for the day Mark began the night shift, tacking plasterboard on the west end wall of the kitchen.



We started today by moving our bedroom furniture into the recently cleared main bathroom. Mark added a temporary light fitting and a power socket to make it a fully functional bedroom. Once that was done we got back to the kitchen, finishing the doorway in the west wall between the kitchen and link.




The doorway between the kitchen and the short link to the lower bedrooms has been boarded up since we moved in to the barn last August. Today we removed the boards, giving us our first ever view from the short link, right through the kitchen and conservatory link and into the dining room. In preparation for this doorway and east end wall being plastered, we spent the morning wire brushing flaky old paint from the bricks, then brushed a sealing coat of PVA over it to provide a key for the new plaster.



Later in the day we moved into the conservatory link, stapling foil insulation in the north half of the ceiling. Finally we retired to the field to enjoy a perfect sun-soaked evening with a barbecue on the lawn.


Mark started the night shift in the kitchen, spraying expanding foam behind all the power back boxes to fix them in place. Once that was done he moved to the link, battening the ceiling then tacking plasterboard throughout.



Ron and Jill arrived today, on the final leg of their world tour that has taken them through Canada, Alaska, Denver then London. After an inspection of the site to check on our progress over the two years since their last visit we headed into the field for another great bonfire and barbecue.



Michael and Jody began plastering the kitchen walls today, and Jody also started work on the link ceiling. Mark and Ron got involved too, firstly by chiselling out recesses in the kitchen's brick east wall to house the power socket back boxes. Mark also had a go at hardwall plastering. Michael offered plenty of tips, but there is no substitute for experience so Mark handed the float and hawk back to the professional to finish the job.



We were home all day today, making the most of the great weather by working out in the courtyard. The topsoil we dumped and spread back in January has become a wildflower site with enormous weeds sprouting, so we spent all day digging and pulling and filling the green compost bin.



Michael was back this morning with a couple of great end-of-month surprises: he has been hunting around reclamation yards for months and today brought the results. First treasure is a very old grain-store ladder, which we will use for access up to the mezzanine study from the dining room. It will require some trimming to fit, and we have to add a handrail to comply with building regs.



Michael's second treasure was a pair of very old brace and ledge barn doors, to be hung in the great stone opening between the link and the dining room. The doors will also need some trimming to fit, plus a bit of clever framing to cope with the very crooked stone walls.

The real work for today was Michael's plastering of the centre section of the link ceiling, plus a section of the wall between kitchen and link and finally the arched doorway at the opposite end of the kitchen.




Green Farm Barn