All the money has gone through, the paper work signed and the Barn is ours!

Mark is away in Melbourne, so Sarah headed on site and removed the "Sold" sign which seems to have been up forever. The Challenge has begun...

Malcolm (architect) met with the planning officer and conservation officer on-site today, to go over the revised amendments to the original plans. The feedback was positive and the amendments went through.

Mark arrived back from Melbourne, and spent the afternoon building up the flat pack trailer which will be an important tool. Self assembly was reasonably straight-forward, except for the absence of instructions! Logic prevailed, and there weren't too many parts left over, so it must be right...

We put the letterbox back up: it had been initially put up over the weekend but vandalized last night.

Finally, we celebrated our purchase by popping open a bottle of vintage Dom Perigion - the last of the luxuries!

Snow today - about 3 inches, and this is supposed to be spring! We built a snow man in the back yard of Twin Cottage, and drove him on the trailer up to the Barn.

We bought and put up temporary spouting for the back of the garage and bedrooms to keep the water away from the build up of soil on back of the wall.

In preparation for many weekends working on-site, we set up all the camping gear in bedroom three to make a temporary kitchen, complete with lashings of Tesco's cheapest tinned spaghetti.

Open Home day... we invited a number of friends and work-mates up to the barn to come and see what all the fuss was about. It was a miserable day but we had a fantastic number of visitors who could not believe quite what we have got ourselves in to.

Cleaned out the drains, removed the ivy from the old barn and had the first of many trips to the local tip in Towcester. That sounds pretty simple, but the ivy proved to be much tougher than we expected, and there was much more of it than we'd imagined. It took quite an enormous effort to get it out of the nooks and crannies in the stonework without damaging the walls.

Our new petrol generator finally arrived during the week, so the use of power tools around the Barn made things a lot easier.

We picked up 60 meters of post and rail fencing that one of Mark's work-mates had removed from his property. The trailer has already proven indispensable and the Focus is a very good makeshift ute!

We removed all the shelving from Bedroom 4 which used to be the slaughter house for the farmer's turkeys. The shelving has moved into one of the old barns (Dining Room) for tool and materials storage during the build.

We laid out the rope for the fence line, and removed a staggering number of nails from all the shelving.


Green Farm Barn