Met on-site with Malcolm Timms (architect) and Andrew Baxter (structural engineer). Andrew will produce an updated survey report for Norwich & Peterborough Building Society. Discussed planning amendments with Malcolm. Also discussed progress with David Elkington and BuildStore.

This open barn will be bedrooms and the main bathroom.

The centre stable needs a new roof to become the kitchen.

An old doorway will be recreated as a huge window in the lounge.

This unusual cruck truss will be preserved for historic purposes.

Norwich & Peterborough received updated survey report and accepted it. Mortgage offer also requires site insurance, so we purchased 2 yrs cover online from Faxed insurance cover note to N&P, who have now posted mortgage offer.

Mortgage offer received but needs corrections: several details wrong, and payment staging completely wrong. Revised offer is coming asap.

Green Farm Barn